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​Tasmania has many species which have become extinct, or are on the verge of extinction, on mainland Australia. Having fewer introduced predators, and a relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island, makes Tasmania a final refuge - a last chance - for many species including the Tasmanian devil.

Flame Robin
Superb fairy Wren
Tasmanian Currawong
Yellow Tail Cockatoo
Tasmanian Potoroo
Bennetts Wallaby
Tiger Snake
Sugar Glider
Tasmanian Devil
Wedge Tail Eagles
Grey Goshawk
Pademelon Wallaby
Short Beaked Echidna
Bettongia gaimardi
Brushtail Possum

Sensational ocean views over the Bay Of Fires set on the historic St Patricks Head Private Nature Reserve high above sea level.

Exclusive and unique Lesbian and Gay accommodation with panoramic ocean views.

Lumera Wilderness Eco Lodge and Chalets

gay accommodation Tasmania flag
          Same Sex Travel Presents Lumera Chalets a Gay and Lesbian Accommodation business in Tasmania that is Gay and Lesbian owned and operated.

Ironhouse Point

ph 0459 701 406
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