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There are numerous walks surrounding Lumera Chalets, including

St Patricks Head.and The South Sisters just ask Peter


Great coastal views from the summit and a vigorous

2 hour return climb, combine to make St Patrick’s Head

(Lumera Genena Wuggelena) an undiscovered gem.

Bicheno Penguin Tours takes you to see fairy penguins at dusk just

45 minutes away or just go do to the local beach with a touch ask Peter


Evercreech the home to Australia's tallest gum trees is only 40 minutes drive

it's like a forest frozen in time amongst some of the most degraded and worst

forest practices thathave occurred in Tasmania but well worth the time to visit.


You can spend the day travelling through Fingal, a small township that once thrived, there

are many old charming churches and quirky out buildings and the stunning Bare Rock.


Blue Tiers just 40 minutes drive north of Lumera is a must see for the avid walker, nearby is St Columbia Falls and the ever popular Holy Cow Cafe and Pyngana Cheese Factory, well worth stopping at to purchase their delicious cheddar cheeses and icecreams etc.


Further north is the famous Pub in the Paddock where you can meet Priscilla the beer drinking pig (it's OK the beer has been watered down), we have been told the food is not bad either.


Tasmania ’s East Coast is a coast of contrast - sunshine and sea life, wine and wildlife, crags and beaches, history and adventure.


All along the coast, bright beaches blaze, and the distinctive blue-green East Coast sea washes the shores, even through the "peak season" you will most likely to be the only person on our world renowned stunning beaches.



The region boasts an array of fine fresh farm & sea produce consistent with the State's claim to fame as a food lover's paradise.


Many of the well known Tasmanian wines are produced here and the winemakers and growers can frequently be met at the vineyards.


The east coast is also home to scallop, abalone, oysters and more, the clear cool waters of the Southern Ocean provide the perfect environment for these delicacies, easily purchased from either directly from the farms of the various food outlets and restaurants.


You definitely have to stay at least three nights to be able to explore the natural beauties in our region, commonly known by the locals as the "Suncoast" of Tasmania, which the locals guard as their secret holiday destination.


Lumera Eco Lodge and Chalets has sensational ocean views over the Bay Of Fires and is  set on the historic St Patricks Head Private Nature Reserve. 

Exclusive and unique Lesbian and Gay accommodation in Tasmania, with panoramic ocean views.

Gay and Lesbian Lumera Wilderness Eco Lodge and Chalets

          Same Sex Travel Presents Lumera Eco Lodge and Chalets
The only Gay and Lesbian accommodation provider in Tasmania that is Gay and Lesbian owned and operated.

Ironhouse Point

gay and lesbian accommodation Tasmania.
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