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Gay and Lesbian Travel

Same sex travel caters for gay and lesbian travellers and their family and friends who want to experience Australia and New Zealand travel accommodation at the grass roots level.

Same Sex Travel has been developed by lesbian and gay volunteers who are concerned at the lack of a travel directory that lists gay and lesbian owned and operated accommodation, our comprehensive tourism directory for Australia and New Zealand continues to grow, providing information for those seeking gay and lesbian owned and operated accommodation.

With its stunning beaches, huge barrier reef, awesome waves, unique wildlife, the awe-inspiring Outback,  the land down under has something to offer  traveller, looking for unique, involving and personal experiences from their holidays.

Australia strikes the perfect balance with its highly urbanised centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and its wide open spaces full of natural wonders and incredible scenery.

There is something unique, and mesmerising about Australia no matter what your interests are or what budget you have to work with, this country has something to offer everyone. Australia’s food and wine are inspired by fresh, natural produce and influenced by our multicultural society. From our spectacular seafood to award-winning wines, gay and lesbian travellers can enjoy Australia’s fabulous food and wine served by friendly Aussies.

Representing Same Sex and Same Sex Friendly Travel Accommodation and Service Providers in Australia and New Zealand.